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Автокресло Kiddy снова спасает жизнь  17.02.2015 07:56

В декабре 2014 года немецкая фирма KIDDY уже не в первый раз подтвердила надежность выпускаемых ею детских автокресел.

В официальном письме, предоставленном Kiddy GmbH, благодарная клиентка из Баварии благодарит за спасение жизни сына.

Вот краткий перевод:

«Из-за скользкой, обледенелой дороги, Стефани С (Бавария) не справилась с управлением автомобилем и на скорости 80 км\час  вылетела на обочину. Зацепившись колесом за бровку обочены несколько раз перевернулась и остановилась в поле через 15 метров
Стефани серьезно пострадала: сотрясение мозга и закрытая травма живота 
Ее двухлетний сын, который был в автокресле 
kiddy guardianfix 2 не пострадал.»

Due to glaze ice, Kiddy customer Stefanie S. (name changed) got into a slide at 80 km/h on a country road just before Christmas. The vehicle crashed into a half-metre deep ditch on the driver‘s side, rolled over several times and came to a halt on its wheels in a fi eld after about 15 m. Her two-year-old son was secured in a Guardianfi x pro2 and sustained no injuries in the accident. The mother, however, was seriously injured. Her injuries included a concussion, whiplash and contusions in her stomach.

„Thank God my son and I had many guardian angels on our side. Nothing happened to my son, thanks to the Kiddy child car seat. When I think about my injuries, I wish I‘d been sat in a seat like it. We thank Kiddy with all our hearts for the quick delivery of our new seat.“

We are pleased that there is once again proof of just how safe the child car seats from Kiddy are! The customer took advantage of our special accident-plus replacement service and has received a new child car set from Kiddy. Her little boy is once again safely accompanying her mother in the car in a new Guardianfi x pro2. The highest level of safety from Kiddy for the good of your child!